What People Are Saying About Minty


A compelling and ultimately heart-warming story

"A thought provoking...novel about love, loss and the importance of family. Considering the afterlife is an interesting premise to explore these themes and there are plenty of moments of humour and wit to lift the sadness." 

The Book Trust


Made an impact on my heart


"Christina Banach's novel sparks light into those areas that are not normally included in any YA novel…the mood the author tried to set is perfect…an engaging story that will keep you glued until the very end…a thoroughly compelling read."

Book Stop Corner blog

An exceptional first novel

"This is marketed as a YA fiction but, as an adult, I really enjoyed it... Minty's story is a moving and positive one…done with just the right lightness of touch…I look forward to more from Christina."

Bodicia, A Woman's Wisdom blogspot



I recommend this book to everyone, not just young adults


"Minty and Jack...brought humor to a story about loss, grief and moving on...the ending is truly touching. Even if you do not like reading sad books please read Minty because...it is not sad. It is a great book."

TMBA Corbett Tries To Write, blogspot





Haunting, eerie and beautiful



"Through Minty's eyes we see how family and friends are affected by bereavement. It deals with loss, love, friendship and over all, hope, resilience and strength of character. It's a haunting, eerie and beautiful read that will resonate with you for days after you read it. "

The Scottish Book Trust



A thoroughly compelling read



"Christina Banach... simply enthralled our minds and soul with her gripping and enduring novel…Her narrative style makes it easy for her readers to get into the core of this story. The mood the author tried to set…is perfect. A brilliant debut…her first story made an impact on my heart."

Book Stop Corner Blogspot


Couldn't put it down!


"I completely and utterly fell in love with this book...This was one of those stories that will stay with me for, well probably for years. If you like stories with depth, humour and real life relationships, then you'll love this. It has it all. Christina...has become my 'One to Watch' this year."

Suzy Turner blogspot


A Sorrow So Deep...


"The story held my attention the entire time,and when I wasn't reading it I was thinking about where it was going to go...an honest read, I find myself thinking about things I hadn't in a while..a unique, special read. I recommend this to mature 12 year old and anyone else above that age."

Words to Dreams, blogspot


Wonderfully emotional


"Her family and friends...were all great characters to get to know...the story was fascinating and captivated me from the off. For Minty - Five stars, thumbs up, big smiley face and love heart!

MrsHB, Amazon


Beautiful tale of two sisters


"Christina's stunning style of writing succeeded in bringing tears of joy and sadness to my eyes. For a first book being this good, it makes me wonder what is yet to come."

tropicaliamgirl, Goodreads



Brilliant debut


"This is a wonderful story and I was hooked after the first few pages. Suspenseful and spooky, yet poignant with touches of down-to-earth humour throughout, this novel has it all.  A must read for adults as well as children. I look forward to more books from this fantastic author."

E Rettig, author of My Desperate Love Diary


Moving YA tale told with deftness of touch and plenty of humour


"The characters are both believable and strongly drawn...one of the most moving YA stories I have read.The heart-warming ending brought more than one tear to my eye. I loved it."

Julie Fulton, author of  The Ever So series


A Moving and intimate journey in loss and love


"Christina Banach creates accessible characters and moving relationships in Minty. Anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one will appreciate her sincere approach in this story. It has moments of levity and humour and the POV keeps it from being too heavy. However, have your tissues ready."

Rachel Craw, author of Spark




It's a twin thing


"As a twin, it's  fantastic to find such a moving book that realistically captures the bond between identical siblings. Christina Banach does a fantastic job of making the reader stop and think...I would suggest you have a box of tissues at the ready as there are some very poignant moments...can't wait to read more from this exciting new author - what a wonderful debut!"

Sarah Broadley, Goodreads


A thought-provoking page turner - loved it!


"The story-line is compelling...younger and older adults will enjoy this book which made me alternatively smile and cry...can't wait to read more from this author."

Mrs E, Amazon


An entertaining read that broke my heart, before putting it back together


"The real question here is what didn't I love about Minty? I'm struggling to think of a single aspect of this story that I didn't enjoy...It's a fabulous debut from the author, and it's a great UK YA novel, something I feel we're really lacking at the moment."

Katie: Queen of Teen Fiction blogspot



Unusual and Compelling


"This is the gripping and tragic...story which never loses pace or intrigue...when the end comes, it's worth waiting for."

Wendy Storer, Don't Tell Me the Moon Is Shining blogspot





Makes you realise how grateful you should be for living


"The story takes you on an emotional rollercoaster which is packed with sadness, guilt and love...I give this fantastic book a 5/5, and, as I am a young adult, this book will be enjoyed by other young adults too. Really good first book."

bluejewel21, Goodreads








A fantastic read


"Minty is a fantastic read which will engage you on the first page. The characters are really realistic and you can feel what they feel. It always would leave you thinking 'what's going to happen next?' It will be a satisfying ending and the author is really good! " :-)

Julakha, aged 14

Highly Addictive


"Minty is a highly addictive novel packed with emotions. I felt trapped in Minty's situations, unable to get out until the loose ends were tied up. Every disappointment is followed by satisfaction."

Sheepa, aged 14



"Christina Banach creates a paranormal world with her own spin on things...Minty is a great read, one that for those who enjoy the more emotional books and ghosts will find themselves soaring right through."

 Reading Shy With Aly blogspot





A beautiful tale of two sisters


"Grips you tight and doesn't let go."

Heather, Goodreads


Beautifully written


"A beautifully written story of the unique bond between identical twins, difficult to put down and an emotional journey. A must read."

Writer, Goodreads

Emotional page-turner


"There is great character development and pacing in this action-filled mystical novel...Minty is poignant with just the right amount of humour and sad parts...an interesting take on the spiritual world and the sometimes individable closeness of twins."

Marcia Strykowski, author of Call Me Amy

A young adult novel to send tingles along your spine


"Minty will draw you in to the world of Minty and Jess, their two dogs Romulus and Remus and their fascination with all things Roman. This memorable and moving story will touch the hearts of all its readers, teens and adults alike. 

Jeanne, Amazon

A must read for every young adult and adults alike


"a rollercoaster of emotions...it never goes where you think it might do...the author manages to surprise you at every chapter and tell a tender, funny and well-observed story. It is a gripping story that keeps you hooked to the end."

F A Figueiredo, Amazon

Addictive reading


"Smooth and flowing...it stirs the emotions...but the sadder aspects of the book are cut through perfectly with lots of sharp and real humour and lovely touching moments to make you smile. I found it hard to put down and I'm eager to read more from Christina."

Kate S, Amazon





"I loved it from the outset and would suggest that it's not just a book for young people but a book to be enjoyed by adults too. It made me cry at the end! It's a beautifully written story of love and loss and hope for the future."

Anne Gorman, Amazon 



A fascinating exploration of the emotional bonds that tie us to our loved ones


"Through the unique bonds and relationship quirks of twins, Minty and Jess, Christina Banach takes us on a journey that is in turn sad, funny and moving, with a heart-warming ending guaranteed to bring a tear to the eye."

M Lynas, author of Florence and the Meanies



What a wonderful debut novel.


"It's a ghost story aimed at young adults but adults will love it too. The story is moving and made me cry. Be warned you WILL need some hankies at the end. I cannot wait to read the next book from this author."

A Quinn, Amazon


A triumph of love


"Minty is the story for anyone who enjoys an exciting tale...in Minty Banach has created a stirring narrative that keeps you guessing till the end, all the while celebrating the eternal devotion of family and home. Highly recommended."

burton 33, Amazon


But it for your kids, buy it for yourself. Buy it just because the cover's cool!


"Christina weaves the pace of the storyline so effortlessly; it's easy to identify with the entire family, living the story through each of their eyes. Warm and sad, beautiful and eerie, hopeful - yet playful...Perfect for Middle Grade and Young Adult readers. Maybe even the odd oldie too."

Danl Tetley blogspot


A compelling YA novel!


"Despite the subject, the story had lovely moments of humour and levity, and was very sensitively told from Minty's point of view. ..I found it a compelling...truly memorable read that had me in tears one moment, and laughing the next. I'd recommend it for adults as well as young adults."

Rebecca Colby, author of There Was A Wee Lassie 



Grabs you from page one - have a box of tissues handy


"This is one of those gems that works for young adults and also the not so young...I read it in a single sitting - something I do not ordinarily do - except for a brief pause to compose myself before the final chapter, such was the intensity of emotion the book engenders. you must read this book..."

Joyce Colville Hart,  Amazon 



Engrossing character-driven tale!


 "This is a gripping, mystical tale of love and loss, told from Minty's point of view, reminiscent of one of my favourite movies, GHOST. An engrossing character-driven tale that combines unfailing heartbreak, perfectly timed humor, and an obsession of all things Roman. Well done!"

B Miller, Amazon.com





"I love this book! It really strikes a great balance between covering subject matter that is realistic and important for young people to read and learn about...is written in a funny, witty way. I LOVED some of the lines and comparison...adored the ghostly elements." 

Miss Jade, Amazon



BRILLIANT and Different!


"Minty was different...I absolutely loved the way the book opened, diving in...had me hooked before I even realised it...the ending was simply BRILLIANT! I even felt a tear or two rolling off from my eyes."

Aditi: 15 year old blogger, A Thousand Words, A Million Books



There were times when I laughed


"I thoroughly enjoyed reading Minty..there were times when I laughed aloud, and times when I quietly wiped away a tear. Very well-written and thought-provoking. As a twin, I totally identified with the closeness of the twins...and the need for their own identities."

Edith Innes, Amazon 



I wasn't expecting to like this book...


"However, I loved it, I thought it was very well written and it certainly keeps the reader hooked. Worth the purchase."

Katya, Goodreads


This book deserves five stars, there is no other option


"I am "young elderly". Just adding my voice to others, meaning: agree with all above comments plus it helped me to understand life much better."

Jan B, Amazon 


Great Book


"What an amazing story! I could not put this book down! What a great treat! I highly recommend this book."

G F Willerton, Amazon 


A moving and intimate journey in loss and love


"Banach masterfully balances the sense of loss with moments of delightful levity. The relationships are achingly real and fraught with nuanced family realities...You'll laugh, you'll cry. You'll probably need tissues for both."

Rachael, Goodreads




An excellent first book


"I really enjoyed this book and the positive message that it gives. An excellent first book exploring a difficult subject, whatever age you are."

Gillian, Goodreads

One of the best YA I've read


"Gripping, detailed to every last breath...the story is amazing, fresh like warm linen. I loved every breath-taking moment."

Heather Dickson, Goodreads

Lovely moments of humour and levity


"The story...was very sensitively told from Minty's perspective. I found it a compelling read...it was truly memorable...had me in tears one minute and laughing the next. I'd recommend it to adults as well as young adults."

Anonymous, Barnes and Noble


A beautiful, beautiful book


"Minty is one of those special books that remain close to your heart long after you have finished...the author has an excellent command of language and in places the book is poetic. This...book will help teenagers to understand and explore their emotions."

LambC, Amazon


A Touching "Ghost" Story


"Christina Banach has done an amazing job of giving us the strong and challenging personalities of these characters. If you enjoy stories like The Lovely Bones, If I Stay...even Ghost, then this is a sweet and fascinating paranormal mystery...definitely a touching story of loss and grief that is worth reading."

Jasmine A, Amazon




"This is a gripping, mystical story of love and loss, told from Minty's point of view, reminisicent of one of my favorite movies, GHOST. An engrossing  character-driven tale that combines unfailing heartbreak, perfectly timed humor, and an obsession of all things Roman."

Bobbi, Goodreads



Minty's Scottish Launch Party


It was Minty's Belated Birthday Party in Edinburgh on June 19th. I had a fab time celebrating the book's publication with my friends and family. Here are a few of the photos taken on the night. 


Three Hares Launch Party

I had a wonderful time with my fellow authors at the launch party for Three Hares Publishing. Here are just a few of the photographs taken that evening. 


PS Did you know that a kindle is the collective name for a litter of baby hares? No? Don't worry, neither did I! It was the clever people at Three Hares Publishing who enlightened me. So now it's official - I am part of a kindle. Oh, and I also have a fab book available on Amazon Kindle! Well I would say it's fab, wouldn't I? I wrote it! But don't take my word for it, scroll back up to see what some readers think of the book. 

Welcome to my website!

Hi! I'm Christina Banach, author of Minty. Thanks for dropping by my website. Please take a look around. Here you'll find news and information about me and my books. If you have any questions do get in touch through my contact page. Thank you for visiting and happy reading! 



I was the 2017-2018 Scottish Book Trust Author in Residence at Knightsridge Primary School, Livingston. Many thanks to the SBT for for affording me the opportunity to share my love of writing and reading with such an inspiring school.



"This is a thought provoking debut novel about love, loss and the importance of family…A compelling and ultimately heart-warming story."


Please click on the link below to read the whole critique: 



"Through Minty's eyes we see how family and friends are affected by bereavement. It deals with loss, love, friendship and over all, hope, resilience and strength of character. It's a haunting, eerie and beautiful read that will resonate with you for days after you read it. "


I'm very grateful to the Scottish Book Trust for featuring Minty as their Teen's Book of the Month. 




Below are extracts of some other reviews (to read more please check out my News and Reviews page):


"What an amazing story! I could not put this book down!"


"This is one of those gems that works for young adults and also the not so young...I read it in a single sitting - something I do not ordinarily do - except for a brief pause to compose myself before the final chapter, such was the intensity of emotion the book engenders. You must read this book..."


"Christina's stunning style of writing succeeded in bringing tears of joy and sadness to my eyes. For a first book being this good, it makes me wonder what is yet to come."



I was thrilled to be part of the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2015 SCBWI panel event - How To Survive Being Published. It was a real privilege to have been invited. Thank you! 


Plot & Structure Event

Thank you to everyone who came to my plot and structure workshop in Edinburgh. I hope you had as much fun as I did. Thanks to Sheila Averbuch for this great write up of the day. 



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